1. Is there a choice?

    Tumblr keeps tossing inane advertising at me. They give me a “choice” to follow or ignore.

    But no number of requests to ignore this crap keeps it from showing up again and again!

    Do you really think this will convince me to buy Axe bullshit for teenage boys? Or any f the other crap advertised in this way?

    This pretend “choice” just shows contempt for the user base. I mean the patsies delivered to these advertisers.

  2. Breakfast

    Roosters crowing through the fog in his head. Just now, or was that hours ago?

    Rolling over, pulling a beat-up pillow over his eyes. He pictures the world outside wreathed in vapor as it was last night. Pulling himself up against the headboard, the reflection of clear blue sky shines on the walls and ceiling. Sun’s out. Quite high….

    “Cleared up, I guess. Wish my head would!”

    Stretching, confined…

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  3. 20:40

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A glorious read: Jeanette Winterson on reading, writing, and the role of art in our everyday lives
  4. Midnight Dialogue

    Thick fog drips off fizzing wires overhead. Visibility limited to illuminated cones of mist under each street lamps’ ivory glow. Fog alternates with a fine drizzle swirling around enameled reflectors and large, clear blown-glass bulbs. Two men walk down the middle of the street. Their shoulders hunched deep in worn, corduroy jackets, belted tight. Scarves draped about their necks. Their…

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  5. Intelligence

    Tossing the Die

    One thing coming into view is that intelligence is not….

    I began to write in earnest when I discovered – not that what I had to say was hard to say – but that I needed to work at….

    For me, language is a freedom. As soon as you have found the words with which to express something, you are no longer incoherent, you are no longer trapped by your own emotions, by your own…

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  6. Lines of Flight (filmpoem)

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  7. Painting Air

    oil on canvas, 24" x 30" © Antonio Dias
    Everything is in everything.

    I’ve come across this statement in Rancière’s Ignorant Schoolmaster.

    Everything is in everything.

    It hits home with me as a painter, directly, viscerally.

    It’s clear when we look at a Cezanne, for example. (more…)

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  8. Cross-post from Horizons of Significance, Contempt

    Cross-post from Horizons of Significance, Contempt

    Flow edited

    Summer has struck, though for us here in Southern New England it has been mercifully cool so far. The centripetal forces of this season have had their affect on our little band. It has become difficult to gather us around the circle for a number of weeks now and it may be time to just announce a hiatus until the first premonitions of Autumn in early September.

    I may be able to post something here…

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  9. Contempt

    Contempt http://wp.me/sKjOz-contempt

    Peeling away layers of Ego I found anger and disappointment blocking the way to compassion. There’s another block hiding beneath them, contempt.

    We see it all around us. This is a society choking on contempt. Every faction and group is held together by the contempt in which it holds the rest.

    The path to anger, to disappointment, to hatred passes through contempt it seems.


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  10. The Rhythm of the Heat via @HOGSALT